The Art Of Falling In Love With Yourself

It is important to love yourself.

Not in an “I am okay when there is Valencia filter” kind of way. It is important to truly and madly be in love with yourself. We have enough narcissism in the world but very less self-love and let’s not for a minute confuse the two.

Buddha doodles

Buddha doodles

Love yourself enough to appreciate your body. The size of your nose is way smaller compared to the mind share it occupies in your head. Also, you need to hear this.

**If you are twenty something and finding it difficult to love your body, learn to accept that if you are the norm and not the exception, this is probably the most beautiful you ever will be. **

Love yourself enough to never wake up with puffy eyes. How many times in the past year have you woken up with puffy eyes from yesterday’s tears? I have lost count.

How many times have you let a relentless argument or a meaningless conversation keep you awake longer than it should? **Remember that no self-respecting individual will take or let their sleep or appetite be taken away by another person. I am not referring to the honeymoon phase – you will get over that yourself. **

Love yourself enough to learn to take care of your own needs. You know how some people want partners who know exactly how much sugar they take in their coffee? That’s alright, but figure yourself out first.

**Learn to make your own coffee, drive your own car and if you think you cannot survive without the paneer ka subzi that mom makes, learn to make it. It really helps. **

Love yourself enough to say “NO”. Say NO not just to the things you don’t want but even to the things you don’t need.


Love yourself enough to do the things you deny yourself because you are too afraid to take a chance. Red lipstick and high heels? Take that vacation you wanted to. Ask that guy out already. And seriously, if someone doesn’t treat you right, leave them.

Love yourself enough to nurture yourself. Spend time on your nails or spend more time reading or whichever matters the most to you and don’t let anybody tell you which one is right. Or do both. Get that pedicure done and read Austen while doing it!

**Love yourself enough to spend time with the people who matter. **People don’t come in a catalog or with an instruction manual. So if you have spent enough time with someone who is shitty, it is up to you to time to turn that page and move on.

Love yourself enough to let yourself feel things. Jealously. Anger. Regret. Remorse. Grief. Let yourself have whatever you need to process these feelings. Time. Nachos. Some cheese and some more of it. **In short, give yourself a break. **


And when you are done feeling these things, love yourself enough to rise up again.

Love yourself enough to let people love you even when you think you don’t deserve love. And love yourself enough to be the bigger person who gives love when someone does not deserve.

Sometimes tough love is the best way to love yourself. So don’t mistake not texting him back or waking up early or saying no to a night out because you need some sleep as being hard on yourself. Love yourself enough to show some tough love on yourself.

It is important to love yourself.

Not in my self-worth is decided by the number of friends I have or the number of likes I have on Facebook kind of way.

Love yourself enough to make YOU a priority.

The top-most priority when Life demands it!

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