A Sincere Apology if you think that Leggings are an abuse of Indian culture..

I am a twenty something strong woman who is financially independent and well-qualified. I am also fair skinned and I never imagined that a time would come for fair skinned women in our society to apologize for something, but the day is here. My parents always told me that being a “Good girl” meant getting … Continue reading A Sincere Apology if you think that Leggings are an abuse of Indian culture..

The Honeymoon Phase

He can’t possibly break my heart. Staring at uninterrupted nothings and smiling, just because. Sweet-nothings, pounding anticipation and impulsive blushes. Waking up to a text from you and sleeping to the sound of your voice. Racing heartbeats and occasional hand-holding. I am going to pretend that I like superhero movies. I love being around you, … Continue reading The Honeymoon Phase

The Other Woman

A The Other Woman, I could easily be perfection in bone and flesh. My married man, you are a compulsion, a need, an obsession, a wrong so right and an intentional stroke of smudged paint on an otherwise flawless canvas. A Is it because Forbidden love is sweeter than most kind or have we just … Continue reading The Other Woman


Sometimes I wonder if there is any way to explain this at all. Long after stars gave way to overpowering sunlight, a hot sunny afternoon. There is nothing whimsical; sweaty palms and nervous small talk about nothing. No arms around my waist or foot-popping, but just pounding anticipation. As you drew me closer, my heart … Continue reading Bittersweet